Author: Steve

Cyber Monday

HUGE Cyber Monday Sale

Today is Cyber Monday, you’re not going to beat these prices til next year. All my online shops are on sale today. Need gifts? I’ve got you covered.

From Whispers to Roars

From Whispers to Roars Literary Contest

For their third and final publication of the year, From Whispers to Roars presents…The Climax: An Arts and Literary Contest. Submit your work in one of the 4 categories: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art/photography....


3 Tips For Investing In Art

Investing in art is a wise move if you get it right – so here are some tips so you can do just that. Step 1: Figure out what appeals to you; stay true...

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Windows in Churches

The term ‘stained glass’ was coined a millennium ago, in the 12th century, when the art form was originally conceived. The process involved the application of a silver stain to the outer side of...