About Digital Tyrants

About the Weblog

This blog originally started on www.binarygod.com, but I decided to move it here so I could focus the BinaryGod brand on selling my artwork.

I started my weblog as a way to exorcise my demons, sort of. I write about whatever is interesting to me, mainly music, art, and history/politics. (I love history but I hate politics; unfortunately, they are a package deal.) Full disclosure: I have monetized my website using Amazon.com’s affiliate program, so if you like what you see and read, please support this website by clicking the links in the blog. If you want to purchase something, that’s even better. I’ll only link to things that interest me and have some kind of social or personal value.

About the Name

Since I enjoy talking about and debating politics and philosophy, I came up with the name “Digital Tyrants” to reflect two categories of negative online presences. The first, and most obvious, is the National Security Administration. The NSA is the government agency responsible for wiretapping everyone on planet Earth with no regard for law, ethics, civil rights, privacy, or decency. A government that believes it has the right to do so is a tyrannical government. Period.

The second, and less obvious, are your peers who think they are engaging in philosophical thought and rational debate when in reality are just parroting propagandistic talking points and engaging in sophistry. They are little tyrants. Most people do nothing to foster positive relationships and societal change. Rather, they serve as useful idiots for the regime by supporting the status quo. Often, they are unaware that they are doing it.

All that said, I really just think “Digital Tyrants” sounded cool.

Founder’s Biography

MeI am very interested in art, music, history, and philosophy, so that’s what I write about. I’m most interested in pop and comic art, sci fi and horror movies, metal and punk music, American history, and libertarian philosophy. I’m not tied to any one of these subgenres, however, and enjoy spirited conversations and debates as long as both parties can remain respectful.

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This blog is open to guest writers. I don’t censor or edit anything, but I do fix spelling/grammar (if needed) and I may adjust the formatting. Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me. (The link will open a “BinaryGod” contact form.)

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