Bread and Circuses Minus the Circuses

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2 Responses

  1. Neal Engesetter says:

    I disagree with your premise. I do not see any evidence that these protests are supported and/or funded by the political class. (Would like some clarification on what your definition of political class is) I think that sporting events & concerts are not necessary. If a private sports organization shuts down a stadium that’s their choice. Not sure the government should do that. For me, I would not go to a crowded concert or stadium because, for me, a sports game is not worth that risk right now. However, I will be attending a rally on Saturday to show solidarity with people who are in pain right now. For me, that 1 hour of solidarity is worth the risk & I’ll wear a mask and keep my distance.

    • Steve says:

      I was referring to people like the Andrew and Chris Cuomo, Mayor Garcetti, and Gavin Newsom who told the lockdown protestors they were going to kill Grandma if they went outside who now are cheering on the police brutality protests. The political bias is so obvious and hypocritical. They’re not funding them, but they have come out in public and on TV to support them. Gov. Phil Murphy has publicly supported the protest in Jersey City that blatantly goes against his lockdown orders. I support the Floyd protests, too, and I attended one yesterday. (It was peaceful.) I also, however, supported the lockdown protests, which were also peaceful. In my view, economic lockdown and police brutality are BOTH tyrannical overreaches of state power, and the only consistent positions are to oppose both or support both. As for the sports/concerts, that’s your choice to attend or not attend, and I respect it. Or at least it should be your choice. That choice was taken from those of us who would go by the governors/mayors who are basing their executive orders (not laws, by the way) on a model that has now proven to have been wrong. Thanks for reading and for your comment!

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