Live Music Review: Fit for a King in concert

I was able to re-live a little bit of my youth this past weekend. I was in attendance at an intimate, local venue for a show (not a concert) for the first time in probably ten years. For this Old Music Tuesday, I’d like to briefly share my experience.  The headliner was Iowa’s For Today, but I went to see Fit for a King. Fit for a King is a metalcore band from Tyler, Texas currently signed to Solid State Records. Their style of metalcore is not unique, and is in fact very popular right now. What sets this five-piece apart is their technical proficiency and dark vocals. Their latest album, Creation/Destruction, is currently the highest selling album on Solid State’s roster. (Buy it by clicking the Amazon link.)

I attended the show with my friend Jeremy. He is a metal/metalcore lover like me, but for some reason we had yet to go to a show together. We both figured it was long past time to correct that oversight. The venue was a small warehouse in one of the business districts in Simi Valley, California. This made for a very isolated yet simultaneously intimate setting. When we walked in, I was pleased to not be the oldest person in attendance, and I probably annoyed Jeremy with my “old man” jokes. I still didn’t go in the most pit, though. Mosh pits are a younger man’s game, a lesson I learned the hard way last year. We were standing right on the perimeter, though, so I took a few shots to the arms and shoulders. I tried to keep my right hand clear of any flailing limbs because if I hurt my hand, I can’t draw. (What a difference ten years makes.)

For Today tour

I was surprised when Fit for a King played second, as I expected them to be the headliner. (I’m glad we didn’t show up too late.) They were fantastic, despite the sound guy’s horrible mixing and the fact that they only got to play five songs. As I mentioned, their outfit is very tight, technically, and the vocalist’s screams punch you in the gut. The clean singing is heartbreaking, too. This is definitely a band I’d like to see again, hopefully as a headliner so they get to play a longer set. The bands that came after them were a mixed bag, and only For Today and Like Moths to Flames came close to matching Fit for a King’s technicality. One of the bands was a rap metal group; neither Jeremy nor I cared much for them. I’d have to say that of all the bands that played, Fit for a King stole the show, although the headliner (For Today) came in at a close second.

I’ve included their music video for the song Ancient Waters, taken from their newest record. If you like it, check out their albums and go see them live. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

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