Reject your political party: The Democratic Party

Artwork: True Blues - Democrat Presidents Playing Poker by Andy Thomas.

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  1. Homer Atkins says:

    I like your general message and agree with most of it. There are quite a few paradoxes that arise from just the simple tribalism inherent in the natural human social process. We inherently trust those who are members of our own tribe more than those of neighboring tribes. But then there becomes a specialized class of warriors that our tribes use to defend our resources and frail-but-wise people, and also people who specialize in trade with the other tribes. I call them nationalists and internationalists . Nationalists tend to be extremely loyal (to a fault) to their own country, families, and usually some sort of poorly defined sense of ethnic pride. So we hear more often than you would think necessary the great grandsons of slave owners reassuring themselves “its okay to be White”; while at night they have a hard time getting to sleep, as they believe that non-White people are attempting to replace them, usually with the presumption of the same kind of malice that White guys had for everybody else back in the day. Bad-faith (aka pessimism about human nature) becomes quite viral, Wars start and almost before they are done another one erupts in the distance. Here in the USA we like to think in terms of Good Guys and Bad Guys. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell- only Bad Guys do that. We have become convinced that there are vast networks of people who want to pull another 9/11 on us, and for some reason think thats a big deal. 9/11 wasn’t a big deal. It was hardly worth mentioning in the news. 3000 people dead? OK. Lets try not to provoke any more of that kind of action using our own imbalanced eye-for-an-eye way of thinking. For instance US actions have lead to the untimely death of between 1 and 4 million non-citizens since Y2K. It would be madness to think that the peoples of this world didn’t take notice. Our country spends 135X the average nation does on its military. Thats 3X more than the next country (#2) in the list- China. Where do we get all that $$ to pay for our military? China. Who do we feel most threatened by, and bare our teeth to & insult, accuse of being the thugs of the world, and generally rattle sabers against? China. In our short 244ish years since independence, we’ve waged 93 over wars on other countries, and about the same numb
    of dirty wars. Usually in the name of stopping Communism. Thats why we napalmed the fuck out a nation of malnourished peasants awhile back, and used tactics involving the rape, mutalation, torture, and murder of women and children as psych-warfare. We didn’t even feel the need to seperate friend from foe on the use of that tactic. We did that to our allies as well as our chosen enemies. In one particular instance, a group of 500ish people were our victims- and some of the girls treated in this astoundingly cruel way were only 12 years old. Granted, that isn’t the same thing as what the religious people of Japan (and religious people of Germany, and religious people of Italy) did 30 years prior. Their “crimes against humanity” involved the murder of about 40 million civilian communists; and their twisted methods including using bayonets or swords to rape children to death in front of their parents, who were hamstrung so they couldn’t get in the way, while others forced them to watch. The “Godless Commies” prevailed- though, despite their losses, and scaled back their counterpunch in a dramatic show of de-escalation. That is to say, they only murdered about 2 million Germans in response to the 27.5 million of their own who were murdered, and only raped 2 million in response to the 10 million of their own who were raped.

    This was while Operation Paperclip and the Vatican Ratlines were used to hide away the worst Nazi war criminals- so we in the USA could employ them later; paying them vast sums of money to they could continue Hitler’s work even though Hitler himself had fallen. While we were saving the Nazis from the wrath of the Commies, we turned away the Jews who sought asylum; even Jewish scientists who might have been useful in our weapons labs. We even turned Einstein away- something that has been almost completley wiped from wikipedia; along with the fact that the Nobel prize committee hated him with amazing ferocity. They only gave him the prize (and for the photoelectric effect) because they were losing a good deal of political capital every year for *not* giving him a prize. I like to use his name to perform a quick sniff test in many social spaces that I consider joining these days. Mind you, I don’t stay away from neo-Nazis; I probably join their social circles more than I do other malevolent, fearful groups. You know what they say about friends, enemies, and proximity.

    So.. long story short. We don’t need to worry about a German Fourth Reich- because we *are* the Fourth Reich. If you browese various darknet forums you will see a vast assortment of paramilitary groups preparing for what they call the 2nd crusade, while others prepare for what they call “the lost war” or “civil war 2”. Its coming. Most of those trajectories will be determind by Chinese and Japanese loans- which continue to innnundate our economy. The faster they pull out (eg loan us less and less every year), the faster other investors take their lead and trigger a divestment cascade. Then it will be alot like after the stock market crash of 1929, except we will be in the role of Germany this time. Mass starvation, warlords taking whole counties or even states for themselves, often with a nuclear warhead or two to insure mutually assured destruction becomes a reality, rather than just speculation.

    Eventually, the rest of the planet will salt our earth and even the mention of our countries name will be criminalized. Within a generation, the entire world will have forgotten us. And that will be a GOOD thing.

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