Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens is Overrated

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  1. Sam Flaire says:

    Your analysis was well considered. The villains were too over the top. The Hitler Speech is a good example. Or, about 100 shots by trained storm trooper soldiers that all miss the mark.
    Rey, as pointed out, was badly portrayed. Gender politics is another word for sexism and over-compensation is another word for hypocrite. Inflicting more sexism is abhorrent. People should know better. Her arrogance and super powers are ridiculous and defy any past character, even Anakin – who was the prophesised/all powerful one.
    You also needed to draw out the plot holes more. Able to fly a shave ship through complex manoeuvres in 2 minutes of learning? Luke runs away because a few kids get killed? There were so many idiotic elements that made no sense.
    Wooden acting. There are many comments about performances being dialled in (eg. Harrison Ford). Daisy Ridley was bland. Boyega was one of the few half decent performances.
    I’d give it a solid 4 out of 10 for good pacing, effects and cinematography. For acting, plot and sexism, it scores very poorly in every other respect, hence, the low score.

  2. Justsayin says:

    I agree on most of your cons, but you were pretty short sighted in regards to what youre calling “sexual politics.” Ren is smart, arguably a genius where technology is concerned. That doesn’t have anything to do with her sex. There are plenty of male characters in many films who are badass on account of their intelligence determined abilities. I find it strange that you would first draw such an odd conclusion. In regards to the force, it was clear that something was awakening. Ren’s ability to operate within and utilize the force without training is because of an inordinate innate power.

    • Nick says:

      The problem is that no one in the past movies has ever been THAT inherently genius.

      Maybe I’m just a bitter EU fan talking, but it takes years of training in the force to be able to use even any low end force powers. For Ren to all of a sudden use mind trick on a storm trooper is inconsistent with the rest of the series. Anakin never did that before he became a padawan, Yoda never did that before he became a padawan, heck even Luke, the most powerful character in the EU and possibly in the canon series to date, struggled to lift a light saber out of the snow even when Obi Wan taught him how to tap into the force and had some degree of experience with it at that time.

      So for Ren to be pulling force powers out of nowhere and beat a dark jedi is just too far fetched for my tastes. Not to mention that a force user needs to be taught how to use a lightsaber with one of the seven forms, but I think I’ve done enough ranting for now.

      So yes, I believe there was at least some degree of gender politics here.

    • sabretruthtiger says:

      No, he’s 100% correct. The social engineering on the part of the central banking oligarchy that control the western governments and media via the poison of Feminism suffuses Hollywood’s most influential films.
      Even disregarding the obvious Marxist political agenda, her development was way too easy and broke immersion while turning the bad guy as they always do to make the heroine look more powerful, into an emo wuss with zero gravitas.
      Anakin Skywalker, more naturally powerful than Rey, as he was the most gifted Jedi ever to exist still had his arm chopped off by Dooku after years of training. There was a real sense of development.
      Hollywood continues to perpetuate the ‘overpowered female’ character where everything comes easy and they can defeat more highly trained, stronger male opponents.

    • A-INDY says:

      Sexual politics is the only answer that makes sense. No character in any of the past movies has ever gone from “zero to Jedi master” in the scope of half a movie. I don’t think it is short sighted to conclude that this deviation from the established story is politically motivated: Overall, the movie goes out of it’s way to reuse as much of the old source material as possible, but then when it comes to the Rey character suddenly they don’t care about continuity.

  3. boofie mcDoo says:

    watched it today and hated it. waaaay overrated. acting sucked. story wasnt paced properly. Rey was the best part though. great acting and very beautiful.

    regarding your R2D2 con, i think r2d2 came back to life because luke’s sabre was nearby? or maybe he sensed something in Rey?

    anyway, who cares. it sucked.

  4. dick headly says:

    This movie was average at best. I think as time goes by people will see through the hype perpetuated by star wars nerds and especially the media who praize it for the feminist propaganda bs it espouses. This is just a liberal propaganda movie meant to empower stupid bitches, black people and homosexuals and it’s a winning formula in today’s wussified society. It’s just a remake of the first movie with black and female heroes that owe it’s success to the original cast for making it watchable. Pretty dumb movie overall. Tarantino is a dick, but Hateful Eight was a much much better film that will hold up much better over time.

  5. John says:

    I agree completely. Although I feel you didn’t mention the worst scene in the movie. That would be the 2 minute meeting where they plan to blow up “Starkiller Base”. (because there is always a way to blow these things up).

    “Hey, you used to be a stormtrooper…do you know how to drop the shields?”
    “Say no more! Commence the attack!”

  6. Alex says:

    I agree….her knowing the force in such a short amount of time seemed ridiculous….she should have been no match for Kylo Ren…….didn’t seem to fit well….rushed and unrealistic.

  7. Alex says:

    Not a bad movie but not great and overrated. If it were great I would have already watched it again and have not done that as of yet… I said her being so good at using the force just was too unrealistic and kina ruined the movie.

  8. Fuuuu says:

    Just a remake of the death star movie, that is highly overrated.
    About the last fight between Kylo and Finn, why the fuck would I waste my energy fighting with light sabers when I can easily break his neck with the force?

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