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Government is Chaos

I’m often told, “If we didn’t have a government, there would be chaos!” Maybe so. But consider this: It was the Chinese government who silenced the COVID whistleblowers and allowed a worldwide pandemic. It...


Brexit Raises Interesting Questions

(Author’s Note: I’m an American. I’ve been to the UK, once. I spent a couple days in London and an afternoon at Stonehenge. That’s the extent of my firsthand experience with the UK. I’m...


Confessions of a Public Servant

In my life, I’ve found that most people who favor massive government intrusion into their finances and lives are people who haven’t really had the displeasure of dealing with many government agencies.


A Defense for Fugitive Slaves (Spooner)

Lysander Spooner was a 19th Century abolitionist, lawyer, and anarchist. Although you never learned about him in your Social Studies class, his popularity has skyrocketed in the internet age, especially among libertarians, anarchists, and...

Leaders vs. Rulers

When I tell people that my sociopolitical philosophy most closely resembles anarchism, one of the objections I hear quite often is that we need leaders. What they don’t realize is that I totally agree...

Middle Fingers

We Are NOT Friends

Anyone who knows me or is familiar with this blog knows that I am not one to shy away from political or religious discussions. I am not afraid of disagreements; in fact, I embrace...