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Gruesome Newsom

Let’s play “Who is my governor?” To play, comment with the worst hits of your state’s highest office. Gavin Newsom, current governor of California, needed remedial reading in school and his entire business and...

Bernie Hillary

Democracy is Not Freedom

The 2016 primary battle for the nomination for president is all but over. If you’re an American, this is a fact that’s only lost on you if you’ve been living under a rock.

Mike Patton

Happy Birthday Mike Patton!

As I mentioned in my last Old Music Tuesday post, I am a huge Mike Patton fanboy. Today is his birthday, so I wanted to give a quick shout on my blog to my...

Mr. Bungle

Old Music Tuesdays: Mr. Bungle live at Bizarre Festival

For this Old Music Tuesday, I’ve posted another full-length concert. This time, I’ve selected Mr. Bungle’s performance at Germany’s Bizarre Festival in the Summer of 2000. Unlike the MxPx concert that I posted two...