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Government is Chaos

I’m often told, “If we didn’t have a government, there would be chaos!” Maybe so. But consider this: It was the Chinese government who silenced the COVID whistleblowers and allowed a worldwide pandemic. It...

Trump Hitler

Trump is Bad, But He’s Not Hitler

Today is the day that Donald Trump becomes the 45th Fuhrer, er, President of the United States. The post title (and accompanying image) is meant as click-bait, obviously. Though I’m not a fan, and...


Brexit Raises Interesting Questions

(Author’s Note: I’m an American. I’ve been to the UK, once. I spent a couple days in London and an afternoon at Stonehenge. That’s the extent of my firsthand experience with the UK. I’m...


Confessions of a Public Servant

In my life, I’ve found that most people who favor massive government intrusion into their finances and lives are people who haven’t really had the displeasure of dealing with many government agencies.


Memorial Day Reflection

It’s Memorial Day, and I got to thinking how lucky I am that no one close to me has been murdered in a war. I know several veterans, including many in my own family,...

2015 State of the Union

I didn’t watch it. I don’t enjoy being lied to. (Sorry if you expected an in-depth analysis. Trolled ya, brah.) What I can offer you instead is an essay about the sordid histories of...