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Haste the Day

Old Music Tuesdays: Haste the Day (@hastetheday)

Haste the Day was a metalcore/post-hardcore band from Indianapolis, IN. They just started following me on Twitter, so I figured I should show them some love with an Old Music Tuesdays post of their...

The Chariot

Old Music Tuesdays: The Chariot featuring Listener.

The Chariot is a metalcore band from Douglasville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Josh Scogin, the frontman and only constant member, was the original vocalist for the more well-known Norma Jean. If you enjoy...

Tooth & Nail VHS 1

Old Music Tuesdays: Tooth and Nail Video Volume One

Tooth and Nail Records is an independent record company based in Seattle, Washington. Brandon Ebel, its founder, had worked for the Christian record label Frontline but was troubled that many of the underground Christian...